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Friday September 22, 2023

Twinkle MishraWe are far behind in good thought process and Innovative story-line : Twinkle Mishra

Interview by Sandeep Pattnaik

Q. How you came into acting profession?

Ans. Initially I was practising modern dance. I got a break in Pratibimba in ETV Odia in due course of time.

Q. Which are the serials you have acted? Any upcoming project?

Ans. Punyotoya, Tulasi, Suna Kalasa, Sindur Bindu, Pari etc. No upcoming project in my hand so far.

Q. How far acting in Ollywood helps one to make a career?

Ans. As a lady artist, I can say Industry has developed a lot, I think one can take it as a profession. however, remuneration to actors is still not so lucrative. Basically, it is difficult for a male artist to make it as a profession for his livelihood in our Industry.

Q. Do you think yourself as a struggling actor?

Ans. Yes.

Q. Which is your favourite character so far, among the tele serials you have acted?

Ans. Jyoti character in Tulasi.

Q. What are the shortcomings those need attention for our Industry?

Ans. Technically somehow we are developing, but the thought process is behind. Making is still not up to date. Innovative story not there.

Q. Your other passions besides acting…

Ans. Modern Dance, Singing

Q. Give some tips for prospective newcomers interested to join this field…

Ans. They should have better presentation of self, and should do theatre before coming on-screen. An actor can develop his / her voice clarity & lighting sense through theatre only.

Q. Have you done theatres?

Ans. I have done theatres in Panchambeda, Uttarpurusha Natya Sanstha.

Q. Your dream for the future…

Ans. I am trying to get into Bollywood industry.

Q. Your Strength and Weakness..

Ans. My strength is positive thinking and weakness is believing people easily.

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