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11By Ashapradeep Bureau

Bhubaneswar, January 31, 2018, Centre for advocacy and Research organized public hearing with the support of Azmi Premji Philanthoropic Initiatives on strengthening access and inclusion of construction workers through a social accountable mechanism. 120 men and women construction workers (Maa Mangalabasti, Eshaneswar, Ricksh-colony, Maa Mangala Basti Lumibinbihar, Ganganagar Palli, Ganganagar, Bhimpur, Kelashi and Jharanasahi) present. The dignitary guests Mr Subash Singh, Chairman Odisha Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board (B & OCWW Board), Pradeep Mohapatra, Assistant Labour Commissioner Kishore Jena, Naba Kishore Mohanty, Rama Krushna Panda members, OB & OCWW Board, Sandeep Patnaik, NCAS, Ghashiram Panda Action Aid, Rtd. Justice CBI, Sri Hrudaya Ballabh Das were there to hear the issues and problems of the people accessing the scheme benefits under the board.

Ms. Mamata Singh, State Asst. Project Coodinatoron the behalf of CFAR welcomed the dignitaries guest and participants to this program. Then Mr. Sameer Ranjan Dash, State Project Coordinator laid stress the CFAR, objective, mission and Vision and activities. He also explained about the PRAYASH Single Window system and how the PRAYASH reach out the community to access their rights and entitlements. Ms. Pujafula Pattanayak shared findings and recommendations of the study conducted by CFAR on on strengthening access and inclusion of construction workers through a social accountable mechanism.The study was conducted among the 230 construction worker out of the those only 110 have registered under the welfare schemes ,out of those only 13 workers renewed their card in two times but still they are waiting for other benefit. Also she spoke how the middle man ford to the   workers now it is the decent issue. 78% of the respondents were engaged in construction work for more than 6 years and many of them have been for more than 20 years, still only 47% have registered under the OB & OCWW Board. Regarding renewal out of 47% only 50% of them have done renewal of the card. So those who have the cards, they are not getting the benefit of the provisions under the board. Again if we break down the renewal, we can find that very less no (27out of 110) did renew for once and 13 for twice. Many of them just renewed for once and never renew it regular basis. Then testimonies were shared by the beneficiaries one by one.

The Board chairman and ALC declared to conduct Labour enrolment Mela in Prayas SingleWindow for enrolment and also scheme awareness for the construction workers. Strong action will be taken through legal service authority against the brokers, agencies who have taken huge amount of money for making the card, was spoken​​ by Justice and also Board members.

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