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“Today crores of our citizens / Bharatiyas are not only taking advantage of technology in various e-platforms addressing their lectures, political debates, teachings in schools and colleges, official interactions even the justice delivery system in our Bharatbarsh has delivered lakhs of judgment during pandemic period hearing the litigants plight both through virtual mode as well as through hybrid mode.““Majority of our intellectual had never used the virtual mode platform pre covid closure of this nation on 20.03.2019. Group video chat alike cisco webex, google meet and many more were not heard of… “In our courts in Bharatbarsh starting from District Courts till up to Supreme Court majority of our lawyers, litigants and Honble Judges are somehow well versed today and acquainted with the advance aged virtual mode of appearance before the Honble Courts.“What is virtual mode of appearance in our Courts : Alike the Honble Court taking the matters one after another physically, in virtual mode the lawyers, judges, litigants and even the prosecution and government authorities  appear in a video platform where the screen of the computer monitor, laptop, mobile phone gets divided up to as many as the appearing parties in a court. The understanding and the rules are such that the Honble Court and its staff used to handle and takes up the matter one after another, when the appearing parties put their submissions one after another and even refer and share documents through screen also. Parties refer to the digitised copy of petition and documents and the cited judgments are also often shared through screen and argued by the parties one at a time. Upon hearing all the parties in a case, the judgments are being delivered and uploaded in the courts site. Appearance are sent through chat box or through sms to the concerned court master / designated officials.““Being the latest technological development and the instruments used since required to be in that of an latest in version, sometimes the arguments gets disturbed because of network failure, electricity disruption,  hang in a system or many a participants tries to speak at a time. Be that as it may be, the nation during last one and half years while taking advance aged technology has achieved a lot taking up the court cases in Bharatbarsh virtually. “Our lawyers community on this virtual, hybrid appearances both through physical and virtual are taking a great role to provide justice even during pandemic period. ““No doubt, physical appearance in a court cannot have the similar feeling to that of a virtual appearance but with the advanced aged technology our Bharatbarsh has achieved a lot in the professional legal works virtually in last couple of months. Today it is not only in the court appearances our lawyers are appearing, arguing and getting reliefs through court of Law but also our lawyers are often having their conferences with the clients even with those who were sitting abroad. Petitions, reply, rejoinder, documents etc are filed in digital form in courts through e filing as well. Of course, we may say that sufferers are those, who have failed to update themselves technologically during this pandemic period in our legal profession in addition to the general decrease in court work and litigations.“No doubt there are complaints from some lawyers to take up the matters physically and the argument in liew thereof seems to be correct. But at the same time we feel proud that during pandemic period our entire legal system while taking advantage of advance age technology have given relief and judgment to lakhs of litigants in our country. “Lastly : purely personal feeling : possibly with the advent of such advance aged new technology, we are not far off from those days that we hardly require to have lots of filing at the appellate, review and revision and even in SLP stage, in stead we can rely upon the videos of arguments, judgment which were delivered by the Trial Court and Appellate courts… Possibility of a decision in a litigation would be challenged with one to five grounds on the same day and in couple of days in the Honble Higher Courts and in next few days delivery of Judgment by the Honble Courts cannot be ruled out. We may name those matters at that time having been taken up in Super Fast Track mode instead of Fast Track.““Obviously at that time we may not be giving data’s of pendency of lakhs of cases in our Bharat barsh and in that process we can happily say that we have got the Rama Rajya by virtue of advance age technology including that of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, robotics. In those years possibly while addressing our arguments we may have good number of latest judgment on screen on any particular issue and law.


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